The Posh Pescatarian Broadcast Premiere March 28 @9pm!

Show premier

The month of March has proven to be an exciting one! Not only did I get my kitchen remodeled (more to come later), but my show, The Posh Pescatarian: … [Continue reading]

Surimi Ceviche (Imitation Crab Meat)

Surimi Ceviche

Surimi ceviche? A good friend of mine recently revealed that she made ceviche using this popular Asian product for a family get-together. She … [Continue reading]

Loupe de Mer

loupe de mer aka: branzino or sea bass

My love affair with seabass is scandalous! I spare no expense to find what I want. I have often found myself hiding the receipt from Santa Monica … [Continue reading]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Getting in a bit of exercise to start the year off right. Hubby and I are happily welcoming in the year 2016! I wish you and your family the best year … [Continue reading]

Spicy Thai Baqueta Sea Bass with Cilantro

Spicy Thai Fish

This video is for those of you who know how to put a meal together, but just need some inspiration! I used baqueta, or Mexican sea bass, for this … [Continue reading]

Savory Waffle Iron Hash Browns!


How did your meal planning go this week? Are you excited and stoked for next week, or frustrated and unconvinced that this is the best way of life? … [Continue reading]